Company History

TechTrade GmbH, founded in 1999, is in the tradition of PLEQ Plant & Equipment Engineering. With its detailed know-how and the long-term experience TechTrade is synonymous for successful thermal plants.
PLEQ Plant & Equipment was an engineering company with 35 employees, most of them engineers. In 1996 the staff and thus the technology and know-how of PLEQ were taken over by Mannesmann Demag. The goal was to implement the PLEQ technology for waste treatment in the market, dominated by incineration.
In 1999 Mannesmann got the order to supply a plant based on the PYRO-PLEQ technology for Hamm Uentrop. It is a plant to treat a capacity of 100,000 t/a municipal waste. The Contherm plant, 'Integrated pyrolysis into power plant' is the largest worldwide at RWE in Hamm, Germany, and in effective operation since 2001.
The sale of the business area oil and gass, also included the environmental activities and the rotary kiln technology. The restructuring of business affairs of Technip S.A. lead to the founding of TechTrade GmbH, to continue and develop the business of rotary kiln technology.
TechTrade as successor of PLEQ, since formation, assures its position as leading company for rotary kiln technology. The continued growth of turnover and staff make us a qualified partner for aspired volume.
Processes in the chemical and environmental industry are the origin of the technology. New applications develop from the utilization of biomass as source of energy and from the recycling of industrial or sorted residues.
Based on a close co-operation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and a licensing, six plants have been installed successfully in Japan, according to our technology.