1. Technology / Applications

TechTrade plans, designs and supplies the entire range of rotary kiln technology such as direct and indirect heated rotary drums for:

  • Drying
  • Pyrolysis / Carbonisation
  • Calcination / Heating
  • Incineration
  • Cooling
  • Special applications (activation, reactivation, out gassing, etc.)
We supply rotary drums, components or turn key plants. Depending on the demands different kinds of heating, support or type of seal are used.

2. Products

TechTrade can assist you to select the appropriate process, designing and generating the approval documents by executing a basic or detailed engineering. We design, manufacture and supply plants according to your demands.

Manufacturing, assembly erection and testing of the equipment is done under our supervision, incl. commissioning. We train your staff to operate the plant with high efficiency and maintain for high availability.

We are experienced and offer the retrofitting, repair and modification of second hand plants. Further we provide maintenance service and manufacture spare parts.

For references please note our reference list.

3. Pilot and Test Plants

Mobile test plants are available to execute trials and to test new products, either in our premises or at the clients site.

  • Batch kiln
  • Batch dryer
    incl. cooler, filter and fan

4. Manufacturing / Assembly / Erection

The manufacturing of our equipment is done in workshops with skilled workers according to our plans and drawings and under our quality control. These workshops are mainly in Germany because of a competitive cost/performance ratio.

Larger units are fabricated in different workshops and assembled at one place. Erection, start-up, commissioning and test run takes place under the supervision of TechTrade.